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GuardFilm Advanced Protection Layer
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Ultimate Scratch Protection

GuardFilms for the New iPhone & iPods are here.

New iPods & iPhone GuardFilm

GuardFilm is the ultimate protection for your portable electronics without changing the overall appearance. GuardFilm is industrial strength and so transparent that its virtually undetectable. Finally, you can show off your new toy and protect it too.

GuardFilm is advanced technology material originally developed for the aerospace sector and now refined to protect your portable electronics. If you're looking for the latest technology in protection without sacrificing the original look and feel, GuardFilm is your solution.

Apple iPhone 3G iPod Nano 3G iPod Classic 6G iPod Touch Apple iPhone iPod Shuffle G2 iPod Nano G2
iPod Video 60 / 80GB iPod Nano G1 Sony PSP iPod 4G iPod Photo      
Virtually Undectectable

Take a close look at the two iPods below. One iPod has GuardFilm protection while the other iPod is brand new. Can you tell which iPod is which?

Virtually Undetectable

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GuardFilm Accepts All Major Credit Cards
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