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GuardFilm Advanced Protection Layer
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About Us

What sets GuardFilm apart from our competitors is the level of detail of our products.

Research and Design is the foundation of GuardFilm. We researched hundreds of materials before we would consider it suitable for use as GuardFilm.

Beyond the material is the design itself. Many considerations are scrutinized when developing a GuardFilm. Ease of application, coverage, and aesthetics are carefully balanced.

We use professional drafting software to model and design the GuardFilm for maximum coverage and ease of application. Prototypes are made and tested for fit, form, and function. We will not sell a single GuardFilm until we are certain that it will offer the ultimate protection for your device.

Our high Quality standards sets us apart from our competitors. The film is inspected for any imperfections prior to any cutting process begin. We use industrial equipment for precision cuts. Critical dimensions are randomly measured to ensure that the final product is exactly as designed.

After describing all of this exhaustive R&D, Quality Inspection, and Precision processes you may expect a GuardFilm to be expensive. You'll be pleasantly surprised that our prices are much lower than our competitors.

The best design, materials, quality, and price is what you can expect from a GuardFilm.

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GuardFilm Accepts All Major Credit Cards
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