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GuardFilm Advanced Protection Layer
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What is GuardFilm?

GuardFilm is advanced technology material originally developed for the aerospace sector to protect the rotor blades of helicopters and the nose cones of fighter jets which need to operate at maximum efficiency in arduous conditions.

Do not confuse GuardFilm with those inferior thin (throw away) screen protectors found in stores.

GuardFilm is industrial strength transparent urethane film that provides a virtually invisible shield against scratches and abrasion.

Why do I need it?

Replacing parts on portable electronics is almost as expensive as buying a new one. GuardFilm is a cost effective solution to protect your investments appearance. The longer you can keep it looking as good as new the longer you can appreciate it. Newer looking products also have higher resale value.

How does it look?

GuardFilm is the ultimate protection for your portable electronics without changing the overall appearance. GuardFilm is industrial strength and so transparent that its virtually undetectable. Finally, you can show off your new toy and protect it too.

How does GuardFilm compare to other shields?

Other films can't compare. GuardFilm is the clearest and toughest protection film made for portable electronics. There is no other film on the market today that is better than GuardFilm.
Try it for yourself. GuardFilm is really amazing stuff. If you don't agree that it is better than any other film available, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Can I buy GuardFilm at stores?

You will not find GuardFilm sold in stores. GuardFilm is only available for purchase from our website. We sell directly to our customers to ensure high customer satisfaction. By cutting out the middlemen, we also keep our prices low.

What about cases?

Although cases are good for the body impact absorption, they do not do much for screen protection. In the case of iPods, many have to be removed before you can dock an iPod.

Did you know that many of the cases actually cause scratch and rub marks over time? Just ask someone with an older iPod to take it out of the case and show you.

My device is already scratched up. Can I still use GuardFilm?

Yes. You can protect it from further damage by applying GuardFilm. Surprisingly, GuardFilm also hides most of the scratches and makes the device look newer!

Do you guarantee your products?

Yes. All GuardFilm products are backed by our Unconditional 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

What about a Lifetime Guarantee?

Lifetime Guarantees are just marketing gimmicks. Notice how they charge 3 bucks "shipping and handling" for each replacement? Just do the math and you'll see that GuardFilm is a better value.

What if you don't have a GuardFilm for my device?

Since there are so many electronic products being requested we are now offering “Trim to Fit” GuardFilms.

Does the Full Body GuardFilm cover the entire device?

GuardFilm covers more surface area than any other protective film available. The corners are covered as much as possible. There are gaps designed in the cut for ease of application. If there were no gaps at all the film would be impossible to install.

Will the water damage my device?

The small amount of water used during GuardFilm application will not harm any portable electronics when directions are followed.

What if I want to remove the GuardFilm later?

GuardFilm easily peels off like a sticker without any residue. Carefully start peeling from the corners. On the clickwheel and center button, press and hold the button down while slowly peeling it off. Clean the device with rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth. It will be back to the way it was.

Are my orders secured?

Yes. GuardFilm uses Google Checkout for your security and convenience. Google checkout processes all of our orders without disclosing your credit card information. All transaction communications can also be processed though Google if you desire.

I tried to purchase your product but could not checkout.

It may be your internet settings. If you have your Security and/or Privacy settings on HIGH, change them to Medium to process the order. You can change them back later.

How much is shipping?

Only GuardFilm offers free worldwide shipping on all orders.

In order to keep our prices low and offer free shipping we do not provide shipment tracking.

When can I expect my order?

All orders are sent via USPS. You will receive an email when your order ships. Please allow 5 to 7 business days thereafter for your GuardFilm to arrive in your mailbox.


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GuardFilm Accepts All Major Credit Cards
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